Understanding Your Water Bill

Account Number

Pertains to your SUBICWATER account number.

Account Name

Your registered name in SUBICWATER.

Billing Address

Your exact residence/business establishment address.


Your account classification if commercial or residential.

Meter Number

The registered number of your meter.


Period or date of coverage.

Present Reading

Reading obtained for the current month.

Previous Reading

Reading obtained from the past month.

Total Consumption

Your consumption for the month, computed by subtracting the present reading from the previous reading.

Bill for the Month

The amount to be paid for the month.


Balance from last month. If last payment exceeded the amount due, the overpayment will be reflected as 'advance payment'.

Total Amount Due

The total amount to be paid, computed by adding the bill for the month and the arrears.


A 2% penalty will be charged if bill amount is past due.

Total Ammount after Due Date

The total amount to be paid, computed by adding the bill for the month and the arrears.

Due Date

Deadline of payment.

Accredited Payment Centers

Other payment centers of SUBICWATER.

SUBICWATER Contact Numbers

For any water-related concern, please contact these numbers.

Check Digit

Use this number to verify your account number when paying through BancNet member banks.

Water Tariff Table

What if I lost my water bill?

You can view your account ledger online using the ‘Customer’ module of this website.Click here to register your account.

You can also check your water bill balance through SMS.Click here for more info.

Should you need a hard copy of your lost water bill, you may visit our main office inside Subic Bay Freeport and request for a reprint. Click here to see map.

Past-Due Payments

Unpaid water bills past the due date is subjected to a 2% penalty compounded monthly. Accounts with over 60 days arrears are due for disconnection. Is your water service disconnected?Click here

Payment Options

You can pay your water bills online and through our partner banks and payment centers. We also have a 24/7, ATM-Style Payment Kiosk stationed at our main office in Subic Bay Freeport.Click here to view details on your preferred mode of payment.

Why won’t your partner payment center accept my bills payment?

Your bill may be already 60 days past due, and thus, is subject for disconnection. Payments made through our in-house cashier are being credited to your account instantly, as opposed to payment centers where it takes two to three days for your payment to be reflected.

This is my second unpaid water bill. Can I pay through your banks
or payment centers?

Yes, you can, as long as you pay the full amount on or before the indicated due date.

24/7 ATM-Style Payment Kiosk

SUBICWATER's 24/7, ATM-style Payment Kiosk at its main office in Subic Bay Freeport can process your payments all day and all night long.