July 20, 2015

Sewerage system to get 3 new pumps

SUBICWATER’s engineering group is set to replace two pumps in the Central Business District Sewage Treatment Plant (CBD-STP) and another at LS 1813 (lift station) this August.

According to the engineering group, it is more cost-effective to completely replace pumps that have reached the end of their productive lifespan than have them repaired or reconditioned.

LS 1813, located at the corner of Rizal and Arganaut Highway in Subic Bay Freeport, is the tenth lift station to receive a new 30-horsepower pump under the company’s latest pump replacement program.

Lift stations are necessary to ‘push’ wastewater, which are collected usually by sheer gravity, to comparatively higher areas, or to STPs.

STPs, on the other hand, generally use pumps to blow oxygen into the wastewater to aid the growth of bacteria, which breaks down the organic matter present in sewage. (30)

Sewage lift stations bring wastewater collected from houses and business establishments in Subic Bay Freeport to SUBICWATER’s sewage treatment facilities.

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