Who is responsible for fixing pipe leaks?

It depends on where the leak is located in relation to the water meter.

Pipes after the meter going to the household or establishment are privately-owned; the customer maintains these pipes.

All pipes before the meter are being maintained by SUBICWATER.

Distribution Line

Large pipes buried along main roads are called ‘mains’, ‘mainlines’, or ‘distribution’ lines. These pipes transport water from the treatment plant to the service lines. Leaks along these pipes must be reported immediately to SUBICWATER as these can eventually lead to water supply interruption.

Service Line

Service lines are pipes tapped from the mains and end at the customers’ water meters.

Private Lines

All pipes from the meter going to the customers are private lines.

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How to
Report Pipe Bursts

Use the keyword ‘LEAK’ followed by
your message and send to our
InfoTxt Hotlines: