Who restores excavated roads?

Roads are mostly owned by the government. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) takes care of the national roads. The City Government maintains the city roads.

When SUBICWATER has projects that would require road excavation, it must first request a Road Excavation Permit from the proper agency, and pay the corresponding fee, which includes costs for road restoration.

SUBICWATER applies for Road Excavation Permit; submits details of its project.

Government agency inspects site and measures total road area affected by the project.

SUBICWATER pays a corresponding fee for every square meter of road affected by its project. The amount covers fees related to processing of the permit, and also, the actual road restoration.

SUBICWATER starts project.

Upon completion of project, SUBICWATER back-fills excavation and turns-over work site to the proper agency for their road restoration work.

(Update: On January 2015, SUBICWATER was allowed to immediately restore its across-the-road excavations)

Why is debris not cleared immediately after road repair?

Barricades, signages, and excavated materials are usually left on newly-restored sections of the road to allow the cement to fully cure (about two to three weeks).

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