In the absence of a sewerage system, households and establishments must have septic tanks to prevent wastewater from polluting the environment. Septic tanks must be siphoned once every three to five years to ensure their effectiveness.

Proper Septic Tank Design

    If you are planning to construct a septic tank, keep in mind the following:
  • It must have at least two chambers to properly separate solid matter from liquid.
  • It must have a watertight bottom to prevent wastewater from leaching and polluting our groundwater.

Request Septic Tank Cleaning from SUBICWATER

At P2,500 per truckload, no one can beat our affordable siphoning service! This is to encourage our customers to properly maintain their septic tanks, thus ensuring that wastewater will not overflow and harm the environment.

    How to avail of this service:
  • Fill-out this form (also available at our main office in Subic Bay Freeport); submit this and pay the P100 inspection fee to our cashier.
  • SUBICWATER personnel will inspect if your septic tank can be accessed by our vacuum truck.
  • If deemed accessible, you will be asked to pay the P2,500 siphoning fee. We will now send our vacuum truck and personnel to clean your septic tank.

Septic Tank Desludging

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