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SUBICWATER operates a comprehensive sewage collection and treatment system in Subic Bay Freeport. We have a total of seven sewage treatment plants (STPs), 80 kilometers of sewer pipelines, 1,378 sewer manholes, and 32 sewage lift stations to date.

Sewerage System for Olongapo City?

In as early as 2006, SUBICWATER has drawn up and presented to the public its Sewerage Masterplan for Olongapo City. Its significant effect on water tariffs and the major traffic disturbance that that the massive sewer pipelaying activities will bring are the major issues that most likely have deterred our city officials from giving the green light to the project.

In this regard, SUBICWATER has offered septic tank desludging services at P2,500 per truckload only— practically the lowest in the region.

Clogged Sewerlines

It is one of the most dreaded things that can happen to you: dirty, stinky wastewater flowing back up from the toilet or kitchen sink.

What causes clogging? Sanitary napkins, tissue papers, plastic wrappers, food scraps, and practically any solid waste that find its way down the drain. Oils and fats from your cooking can also solidify at cold temperatures, forming grease. This sticky substance then becomes an effective debris magnet, and will completely clog sewer pipes over time.

Business locators in Subic Bay Freeport, especially hotels and restaurants, are required to have grease traps before they can connect to our sewers.

Who clears clogged sewers?

SUBICWATER takes charge over clogged manholes and sewer conveyance pipes. If blockage occurs along private sewer pipes, the owner is responsible for clearing it up.

Grease Trap Maintenance

A grease trap is a device that intercepts grease and solid waste before wastewater flows into a sewer pipe. Locators in Subic Bay Freeport are required to have this device, especially for hotels and restaurants.

Septic Tank Desludging

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