Accounts Due for Service Disconnection

Accounts with over 60 days arrears are due for disconnection. If you have a second, unpaid water bill, you must settle the full amount indicated on or before its due date for continuous water service.

Why ‘So Strict’ Payment Policy?

The financial condition of any company will be negatively affected when their monthly sales collection are low. SUBICWATER’s 60-day allowance for bills payment is actually gracious enough, compared to other water utilities’ ten-day grace period.

Water Service Reconnection

If your account has been disconnected, please proceed to the SUBICWATER main office in Subic Bay Freeport and approach one of our customer service personnel. The total amount that you need to pay will be computed. A P300.00 reconnection fee will also be charged.

We greatly encourage customers to pay their bills on time to prevent such inconveniences.

24/7 ATM-Style Payment Kiosk

SUBICWATER's 24/7, ATM-style Payment Kiosk at its main office in Subic Bay Freeport can process your payments all day and all night long.